Creating your WealthMap

Living the lifestyle you deserve

When it comes to your financial freedom, whether you are a “DIY” or think you may need a helping hand, an interactive discovery can help you visualise your progress towards your future goals and the likelihood of achieving them.

An interactive discovery uses the information you enter to create a roadmap for your future. The more accurate you are, the more useful your roadmap!
It is quick to complete and shows where you are now and the probability of achieving your goals, all shown in an easy to understand visual projection.

Once you generate your WealthMap, you can amend your goals to see how changing amounts and timeframes affect your roadmap as required.

With no cost to complete and no requirement to engage with an adviser to get your results, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started today! Should you find that you may not achieve all of your goals, seeking some guidance is just one click away.

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